What is SMM and why is it needed?


1. The abbreviation SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, that is, promotion in social networks.

2. It includes a whole range of actions, one way or another aimed at finding new customers using social networks: promotion, creation and maintenance of the necessary image, live communication with visitors, which will help to gain trust.

3. The purpose of SMM promotion is to attract and retain people, ideally to make them regular customers and win their interest. In order for the promotion in social networks to really work and make a profit, it is not enough just to create a group.

4. It is necessary to fill it with high-quality content, work with different channels, invest time and energy in a page on a social network. Only an integrated approach ensures a good result.

5. Today, SMM promotion in social networks combines a complex of various actions, each of which meets its own goal.

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