A good website is 50% success in doing business.

Our works


1C-Bitrix, UI/UX, Sass, SCSS

During execution:1 mounth


1C-Bitrix / Bootstrap 4/ Figma Design

During execution: 28 days


OpenCart, Online Shop, SEO

During execution: 120 days


1C-Bitrix / Figma Design / Gulp

During execution: 24 days


Individual Design / CSS3

During execution: 40 days

WordPress, HTML/CSS3, Sass/Less

During execution: 25 days


WordPress, HTML/CSS3

During execution: 5 day

You can trust the company "Wave-IT" the development of your website and its promotion. Our professional and dedicated team develops websites with multi-functional and innovative solutions, taking into account all client preferences, even the craziest ones. In our list, there are already many completed works and many regular customers. Our wide range of services will allow you to find everything you need from the IT industry in one place. We sincerely love our work and know how to do it perfectly: you can’t go wrong if you choose us.

Best Regards, Wave-IT team

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Domain or website hosting as a gift We give you any free name in the areas of RU, RF, AM, COM, NET, ORG or connect yours. Modern servers, stable operation, quick access to the site and complete safety of information. 1 year as a gift.

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Contextual advertising settings service

Contextual advertising settings service independent maintenance of contextual advertising in Google Ads and Yandex Direct

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SEO promotion/ACTION on website promotion

SEO promotion SEO promotion of your site by our specialists

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Technical support 7 days a week

Technical support 7 days a week Promptly resolving errors and technical failures, Monitoring the term of domain delegation and hosting payment, Storing all the necessary technical information, Contacting a hosting provider, Adding and changing sections, Development and placement of banners, Time reaction to treatment.

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Our Services

Basic package

1. Issuance of a domain for 1 year free of charge

2. Providing hosting for 6 months free of charge

3. Installation of the site for free on the Internet

4. Management system: ADMINKA

5. The work is done using the latest technologies

6. Compatible with all types of equipment

7. Change of details during the execution of the order

8. Main SEO - Optimization

9. Complete project testing

10. Develop articles for your site

11. Integrated security system

12. Counseling is absolutely free

Premium package

1. "Basic package"

2.Multi-level catalog of goods with descriptions, photos, videos and documents

3. Brand logo -free

4.Unique graphic design (Ui / Ux) and content

5.Pages (promotions, reviews, services, Integration of payment systems, integration with 1C and MySklad)

6. The basket, most convenient for future buyers, order processing

7. Has all the necessary settings for self-promotion of the online store

8.Fast loading of goods into the catalog, placement in Yandex.Market -free

9.Registration in Google My business and Yandex. Reference-free

10.Formation of reputation on the main Internet resources (customer reviews)

11. Advertising and setup in Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords and MyTarget

12. The message and rating module is free

13. Support and website promotion (3 months)

Wave Package

Продвижение в социальных сетях

Маркетинговый анализ


Search engine optimization

Подбор и анализ ключевых слов

Расширение семантического ядра

Внутренняя оптимизация

Внешняя оптимизация

Website development

Проектирование сайтов

Веб дизайн

Разработка интернет магазинов

Обновление сайтов

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